October 1, 2023

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These are 10 of the hottest fashion brands that tech founders and investors are wearing again as people head back to the office

From left to right: Madison McIlwain, partner at venture firm Defy Partners wearing Tibi blazer; Stephanie Estey, co-founder of TBD Health, wearing ADAY; Matthew Woo, co-founder of Summer Health wearing Faherty.Madison McIlwain/ Autumn Communications

  • A recent study showed that offices were over half full for the first time since the pandemic.

  • With more people going into the office, more people are dressing up for work.

  • Insider asked tech founders and investors to name their top workwear brands in 2023. Here are the top 10.



Argent is a work wear brand that specializes in women’s suits and has dressed politicians like Kamala Harris.Argent

Argent specializes in women’s suits. In recent years, the startup has dressed politicians like Kamala Harris, actresses like Amy Poehler, and even former royalty like Meghan Markle.

The brand also received investment from Peter Thiel’s venture capital fund, Founders Fund. 

Argent’s founder, Sali Christeson, said after years of dressing down during the pandemic, people now have “sweatpant fatigue” and noted that the brand has never seen the kind of demand its seeing in 2023.

Alaina Hartley, an investor at the venture capital firm Greycroft, told Insider that one of her picks for a work event was this olive green suit from Argent.

Price Range: $$$ (3 out of 4) (based on approximate prices: blazers range between $300-$600; pants $200-$300)

Hill House Home

Hill House Home nap dress

Hill House Home is a lifestyle brand that launched in 2016 and became known for its “Nap Dress.”Photo by @endlesslyloveclub for Hill House Home

Hill House Home is a lifestyle brand that launched in 2016 and became particularly well-known in 2020 for its “Nap Dress.”

In July 2020, Kayla Marci, a marketing analyst at retail data analytics firm Edited, told Insider, “With people continuing to work remotely, plus the high levels of unemployment post-COVID, people will be spending more time indoors, contributing to the rise of the ‘homewear’ wardrobe where this dress falls under.”

A few years later, the brand continues to thrive as people adjust to a post-pandemic new normal. In September 2022, Hill House Home raised more than $20 million in funding, according PitchBook.

Alexa von Tobel, founder and managing director of venture capital firm Inspired Capital, told Insider that Hill House Home is among her favorite brands.

Price Range: $$ (based on approximate prices: $75-$275 for a “Nap Dress”)

Oura Ring

A silver Oura ring gathers information on rest and recovery, according to the company

The Oura Ring is a titanium ring that monitors biometrics like sleep, temperature, and heart rate.Oura

The Oura Ring is a titanium ring that monitors biometrics like sleep, temperature, and heart rate. The company behind the ring was founded in 2013 and has received backing from some of the biggest names in the tech industry including Twitter cofounders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, Salesforce cofounder Marc Benioff, and Dell founder Michael Dell.

Between being a beloved gadget in Silicon Valley to catapulting into a work-from-home status symbol, the Oura Ring cemented its place in work fashion over the years.

Miri Buckland and Ellie Buckingham, founders of the virtual vision board site Landing, told Insider that they’re “both obsessed” with the health tracking ring.

Price Range: $$$ (based on approximate prices: $300-$450 for an “Oura Ring Gen3”)


Tibi fashion week

Tibi is a women’s wear brand founded by designer Amy Smilovic back in 1997.Getty/JP Yim

Tibi is a womenswear brand that was founded by designer Amy Smilovic in 1997, according to its website. Over the years, the brand has become known for its power suits.

Yet when the norms of work fashion changed during the pandemic, Smilovic pivoted to a new strategy.

In December 2020, she launched a video series called “Style Class” where she advised viewers about how to clean out their closet and find their personal style. As of September 2022, Women’s Wear Daily reported that the series had increased Smilovic’s gross profit by more than 300%.

The series is now into its fourth season, and has won Tibi many new supporters.

One investor told Insider she’s a fan of the brand’s blazers as a way to complete her workwear look.

Price Range: $$$$ (based on approximate prices: blazers range between $650-$2,000)


SS Button Down Faherty

Faherty is a men’s and women’s leisurewear brand that launched in 2013.Faherty Instagram

Faherty is a men’s and women’s leisurewear brand that launched in 2013. It was cofounded by Alex Faherty, a former Yale football player who spent over a decade working in private equity and finance, and his twin, Mike, who spent several years as a designer at Ralph Lauren, according to its website.

Faherty’s menswear section, which counts actors like Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew McConaughey as fans, has gained a following among founders with more active lifestyles.

Matthew Woo, cofounder of telehealth startup Summer Health, told Insider, “they make incredibly comfortable, form fitting clothing for aspiring ski bums and adventure seekers. Plus, they have a ton of matching male and female wear for couple outfits, which my wife loves.”

Price Range: $$ (based on approximate prices: shirts range between $160-$200)



Abercrombie & Fitch


Abercrombie & Fitch has ditched its “cool kid” image and is now targeting shoppers entering adulthood with more wholesome offerings.Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch — the classic middle school brand — has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in recent years.

The brand has shed its image as a destination for “cool kids” and has become a more “wholesome” and on-trend brand targeted to those entering adulthood, Insider reported.

Now, investors are even wearing Abercrombie & Fitch apparel to the office. 

Madison McIlwain, a partner at the venture firm Defy Partners told Insider by email, “Abercrombie is back and I’ve been drawn most mornings to these casual trousers that are ready for back to office. (Sshh elastic back waist).”

Price Range: $$ (based on approximate prices: mens’ jackets range between $40-$400; women’s jackets $40-$400)



A model wears a brown cape from COS.

COS, a brand of H&M, has gained popularity for its slouchy, oversized cuts.COS

COS is an upscale fashion line that’s one of eight brands under the H&M group. The brand launched its first physical store in 2007 and went online in 2011, according to its site.

Since then, COS has become particularly known for women’s workwear, with slouchy, oversized basics. The brand expanded into several new markets, including Australia last year, and is on track to expand into more this year, according to a report from H&M.

Daphne Chen, cofounder of TBD Health, a sexual healthcare startup, said she gravitates to brands like COS that “make nice clothing, use good materials, and are modern, but easy to wear.”

Price Range: $$ (based on approximate prices: dresses range between $60-$600)


Espalar Sneaker VEJA

Veja is a sustainable sneaker brand that launched in 2005, and has become a popular streetwear and work fashion staple.Nordstrom

Veja is a sustainable sneaker brand that launched in 2005, and has become a popular streetwear and work fashion staple.

In 2021, Insider’s then style editor Maria Del Russo said, “I’m currently on my third pair of Vejas — that’s how much I love this brand.” She added, “While they do take a few wears to break in, she says that “Once you soften the stiffness in the insole, they’ll become one of the most comfortable shoes you wear.”

In 2023, the brand has endured, as multiple founders told Insider that they’re a fan of Veja sneakers for everyday wear.

Price Range: $$ (based on approximate prices: women’s shoes range between $150-$250; men’s shoes $150-$250)


Bode Clothing

Bode is New York based clothier Bode was launched by designer Emily Bode in 2016.BODE

The New York based clothier Bode was launched by designer Emily Bode in 2016. It’s become particularly known over the years for its menswear items, like jackets crafted from patchwork quilts, boxy shirts, and embroidered sweaters. As of 2023, Bode debuted a women’s wear collection, too.

The brand is not for the faint of heart — or budget. Still, founders told Insider that’s among their favorite workwear lines.

Tanner Graham, the cofounder of brand agency General Idea, said, “Bode creates incredible one-of-a-kind clothing. It’s another brand that does a great job at mixing references of the past, with clothing that is very of-the-now.”

“Many of their products are made in limited quantities using vintage fabrics. Every item feels like has a storied past but made relevant for today,” he added.

Price Range: $$$$ (based on approximate prices: men’s jackets $500-$5000)



ADAY is a sustainable workwear brand founded by Goldman Sachs alums that launched in 2015.ADAY

ADAY is a sustainable, professional workwear brand cofounded by Goldman Sachs alums Meg He and Nina Faulhaber.

The two launched the brand in 2015 with “a capsule collection” comprising leggings, shorts, and tops, all made with recycled UV-protected fabrics,” He told Insider in 2021.

At the time, He also said, “When we thought about launching ADAY, we were just two women who knew nothing about fashion design.”

Since then, the brand has become popular with busy startup founders.

Stephanie Estey, cofounder of sexual health startup TBD Health told Insider, “ADAY is the only thing I wear. They make easy, comfortable and looks put together without much effort.”

Price Range: $$ (based on approximate prices: women’s jackets $160-$260)

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