September 25, 2023

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The Best Harry Potter Clothing & Accessories In 2023

There’s so much Harry Potter merchandise, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best clothes and accessories here!

With a franchise as huge and long-running as Harry Potter, there’s bound to be a ton of merchandise out there. One can pretty much buy Harry Potter anything, from car accessories and jewelry to home decor and clothing. But when it comes to what’s available, very often it’s the same kind of merch seen in store after store, and when you or your friends already have all of it, what do you get next for a gift or a gift for yourself?

RELATED: Celebrate Back To Hogwarts Day With These Magical Harry Potter TreasuresWe’ve done our best to round up some of the more unique but also high-quality Harry Potter clothing and accessories out there, and there’s likely something here for everyone – from pajamas to wallets and everything in between! A lot of this merchandise is officially licensed, as well, meaning that the quality is decent, which isn’t always the case with knockoffs and unofficial merch.

  • Harry Potter Marauder's Map Tri-Fold Wallet

    Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Tri-Fold Wallet

    Keep the Marauder’s Map with you at all times with this fun, tri-fold wallet that’s perfect for HP fans of all ages. The red-lined canvas wallet has a protective PVC on the outside and inner pocket, as well as a zippered compartment for change. A best-selling item, this wallet is durable and a great price!

  • Harry Potter Hufflepuff Backpack

    Harry Potter Hufflepuff Backpack

    Hufflepuffs never get enough love! Rep your house with this cute backpack – whether you’re heading back to school or just looking for a new tote to carry everything. While the Hufflepuff model is shown here, all houses are available, so you can get the backpack that suits your personality and skills best! This is a well-made and officially licensed piece of HP gear and measures 16X11.25X4.5 inches. It’s made of polyester and PP webbing material and even includes an interior laptop pocket!

  • Hermione's Time Turner

    Hermione’s Time Turner

    Not just an iconic piece of the Harry Potter story, this Time Turner is also pretty and elegant, making it perfect for everyday wear. Only those “in the know” will recognize it immediately, but otherwise, the Time Turner just looks like a beautiful pendant. While there are many knock-offs, it’s officially liscensed by Warner Brothers, plated in 24-karat gold, and measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter. The chain measures 18 inches in length and the necklace even comes with a gorgeous display case!

  • Untitled design (19)

    Harry Potter Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

    A pretty little accessory for your pocket, this Golden Snitch fidget spinner is soothing and nice to look at. Its aluminum alloy metal body is durable and it has siltent smooth bearings. Spin it on a desk or table or in your hands, fidget spinners can help reduce anxiety and soothe those with difficulty focusing. Comes with a cloth zipper case. 

  • Harry Potter 3-Pair Earring Set

    Harry Potter 3 Pair Earring Set

    $30 $40 Save $10

    A perfect match with the Hermione Time Turner also mentioned in this round-up, this 3 pair set of Harry Potter earrings are subtle but make a statement. Officially licensed, the set features 3 different designs and is well-made with gold and silver plating. The set includes 1 pair of Golden Snitch two-tone studs, 1 pair of HP logo two-tone studs, and 1 pair of Deathly Hallows studs. Earrings come in an authentic Harry Potter gift box, making them perfect for birthdays or Xmas!

  • Harry Potter Gryffindor Socks

    Harry Potter Gryffindor Socks

    Everyone can always use new socks, so why not rock some knee-high HP socks in the house of your choosing? Shown here are the Gryffindor socks, but all houses are available in 4 fun argyle patterns. The socks have a nice stretch to them as they’re made with 70% Polyester, 20% Nylon, and 10% Spandex. Machine washable, these socks are officially licensed and fit women’s shoe sizes 4-10. 

  • Harry Potter Dobby the House Elf Necklace

    Harry Potter Dobby the House Elf Necklace

    Another officially licensed Harry Potter necklace, this Dobby the House elf necklace has an adorably sheepish-looking Dobby as a pendant and a small sock charm attached to the chain. The necklace has a silver plated finish and includes an 18 inch chain, as well as a keepsake style box, making it perfect for gifting!

  • Harry Potter Ron Weasley Numbered T-Shirt

    Harry Potter Ron Weasley T-Shirt

    Look like a true quidditch champion with this R. Weasley T-shirt, complete with Ron’s name and number 02 on the back. This tee is made of 100% cotton in its solid colors, the heather grey is 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester, and other heathers are a 50/50 blend. Machine washable, this is officially licensed HP merchandise and available in adult unisex, women’s, and kids’ sizes. The shirt is well made with double stitching along the sleeves and bottom hem and features a classic fit. 

  • Harry Potter Hogwart's House Crest Tight Fit Adult Cotton Pajama

    Harry Potter Hogwart’s House Crest Adult Cotton Pajamas

    Get ready for your next HP-themed pajama party with this Harry Potter 2-piece pajama set! These pajamas are officially licensed and come in all 4 house colors. The top features the house crest in the center and the pants are stripped with comfortable cuff ankles. They are slim fit and mentioned as “snug” so choose your size accordingly. Pajama sets are made of 100% cotton and are listed in men’s sizes but can be worn by anyone suited to the size guide. 

  • Chibi Harry, Hedwig and Hagrid Pullover Hoodie

    Chibi Harry Potter and Hagrid Pullover Hoodie

    Chibi everything is cute, and chibi Harry, Hagrid, and Hedwig together on a cozy pullover hoodie is even better! Machine washable and officially licensed, this hoodie comes in cotton or cotton/poly blend depending on the color chosen. There is a wide range of sizes available, as well as a few color options, so find the pullover that’s right for you – and get ready for sweater weather! 

  • Harry Potter adult uniform-style sweater

    Adult Harry Potter Uniform Sweater

    Head back to school in style with a Hogwarts Ravenclaw uniform-style school sweater! This sweater is made of 100% cotton and features a v-neck design with a Ravenclaw patch on the left side. It has a rib-knit neckband, waistband, and cuffs with the Ravenclaw colors in the rib-knit stripes. See the product listing for the other houses!

  • Up To No Good Harry Potter T-shirt

    Popfunk Classic Harry Potter Up to No Good T Shirt & Stickers

    This fun and cheeky nod to HP is an officially licensed, quality-made shirt that comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. Not only that, but it includes 2 great die-cut Harry Potter stickers, too! Unisex and machine washable, these shirts are made from 100% cotton. Prices range depending on size and color. 

  • Harry Potter Gryffindor Hat and Scarf Set

    Harry Potter Scarf and Hat Set

    $35 $41 Save $6

    Just look at how cozy and soft this HP scarf and hat set looks! Officially licensed, this set is made from an acrylic polyester blend, meaning it wears and washes well and is also super comfy. All 4 houses are available with these sets and in terms of size, they suit most people 14 years and up. Each set has a scarf with a house embroidered crest and a pom-pom hat/beanie/toque with another patch on its edge. 

  • Harry Potter cat shirt

    Harry Potter Cat Shirt

    If you love Harry Potter and you love cats then you’ll probably love this Harry Potter cat tee! This shirt envisions what the HP characters might look like as felines and comes complete with their cat-inspired name under their hilarious and adorable illustration. Cotton or cotton/poly blend depending on color, these are selling out quickly but are stocked in a variety of sizes and shades. 

  • Harry Potter Charm Bracelet

    Harry Potter Charm Bracelet

    Charm bracelets are classic and never go out of style, but not everyone has a Harry Potter charm bracelet. This piece of jewelry makes a lovely gift for that HP fan in your life and features a collection of recognizable symbols and images from the franchise. Bracelet chain is 8 inches in length. 

  • Harry Potter Crocs

    Harry Potter Crocs

    Love ’em or hate ’em, Crocs are seemingly here to stay and there are plenty of people who can’t live without them! Harry Potter fans who also love comfy footwear need these Harry Potter Dark Arts Crocs that are made with a durable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole. These Crocs come with themed jibbitz. There are 8 in total, including 2 glow in the dark heel strap jibbitz, two Dark Mark jibbitz, a Death Eater mask, the Deathly Hallows symbol, and two “He Who Shall Not Be Named” jibbitz. The shoes are coated in iridescent glitter and come in a wide range of sizes. These are perfect for any Slytherin house member!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the Harry Potter merchandise available today, so whether you are looking for notebooks and back to school items or just something to wear around the house, there is basically everything out there for every superfan.

If you grab an Amazon Prime membership before you start shopping, you can grab fast and free shipping while you’re at it and often a host of other discounts. If you just want to try it out to pick up a few of the items listed here, go for the free 30-day trial so you can cancel it at anytime if it doesn’t work for you.

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