September 24, 2023

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PhotoVogue Festival 2023 Exhibitions: What is Beauty?

The PhotoVogue Festival, the initial conscious vogue pictures festival that focuses on the widespread floor in between ethics and aesthetics, returns for its eighth edition. From November 16 to 19, 2023, Base Milano will host a series of exhibitions and a a few-working day symposium inspecting the profound effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on human existence and the generation of photos, complemented by satellite events at the city’s very best galleries. 

The exhibitions at the PhotoVogue Competition involve: “What is Attractiveness?”, “What is Splendor? (A.I.)”, “Uncanny Atlas: Image in the age of A.I.”, “Eternal Loops”, “Spanish Gals: A Contemporary Portrait of Strength and Beauty”, “Eye Mama” and “Condé Future”.

Examine 2023 and earlier exhibitions here.

WHAT IS Magnificence? 

Through its previous Open up Phone calls, PhotoVogue competition has celebrated the feminine gaze, searched for the up coming great fashion image makers, highlighted diversity powering and in entrance of the digicam, explored masculinity, reframed background, and continuously challenged stereotypes, clichés, and homogeneous representations. Continuing its journey dedicated to shaping a more just and inclusive modern society by way of visible literacy, PhotoVogue invited artists from close to the environment to post perform that difficulties the standard notions of magnificence.

As cultural shifts unfold throughout the world, so should the really plan of beauty evolve. We crack absolutely free from the constraints of gender, perfection, and homogeneity, recognizing that natural beauty simply cannot be confined to go-are unsuccessful checks based mostly on antiquated norms. Rather, it results in being a boundless and ever-evolving strategy, liberated from the exhausted stereotypes that once dominated our cultural landscape. Under no circumstances prior to has inventive expression been more diversified, and illustration a lot more significantly-achieving.

The exhibition on screen at Foundation attributes get the job done by 40 artists from 24 nations around the world, selected by a jury comprising Condé Nast personnel from throughout the world and professionals from the intercontinental visible local community.

Artists showcased: Amy Woodward | Ana María Arévalo Gosen | Andras Ladocsi | Avijit Halder | Avion Pearce | Bettina Pittaluga | Chiron Duong | Clara Belleville | Claudia Revidat | Enrique Leyva | Francesca Bergamini | Gabo Caruso | Hayley Lohn | Imraan Christian | Irina Werning | Jaimy Gail | Jara García Azor and Lucía Lomas | Jean-Claude Moschetti | Jess T. Dugan | Jude Lartey | Julia Cybularz | Kate Biel | Katerina Tsakiri | Kriss Munsya | Kristina Rozhkova | Leslie Fratkin | Luisa Dörr | Lumi Tuomi | Marina Adam | Mauricio Holc | Omar Khaleel | Ruiqi Zhang | Sarfo Emmanuel Annor | Silvana Trevale | Tara Laure Claire | Togo Yeye | Yao Yuan | Yongbin Park | Zahui Yvann | Ziyu Wang

Claudia Revidat

France, primarily based in United Kingdom of Fantastic Britain and Northern Eire

Marina Adam

Russian Federation, centered in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Eire

Omar Khaleel

Yemen, centered in United Kingdom of Fantastic Britain and Northern Ireland

Ruiqi Zhang

China, Centered in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Eire

Silvana Trevale

Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of, dependent in United Kingdom of Fantastic Britain and Northern Eire

Silvana Trevale

Tara Laure Claire

India, primarily based in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Eire

Ziyu Wang

China, based mostly in United Kingdom of Fantastic Britain and Northern Ireland

PhotoVogue Pageant is a job directed by Alessia Glaviano (Head of World wide PhotoVogue) and co-curated by Francesca Marani (Senior Photo Editor, Vogue Italia), Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Editor, Writer and Curator), Daniel Rodríguez Gordillo (Information Functions & Method Manager, Condé Nast) and Caterina De Biasio (Visual Editor, PhotoVogue)