October 1, 2023

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Niall Horan’s cologne is a unisex fave and we’re obsessed

Ever questioned what Niall Horan smells like? Well, marvel no a lot more as we clue you in on Niall Horan’s cologne go-to—which is a cult unisex buy—and how specifically he achieves his renowned, superior-smelling aura…

It looks singer and former A single Route band member, Niall Horan is gunning for Rihanna’s ideal-smelling celeb crown, as he as well has a status for smelling unbelievable. And like with Rihanna’s beloved fragrance, Niall has allow slip his personal go-to fragrance and it can be simply readily available and nicely-known for being the two a greatest-marketing unisex scent as very well as one particular the very best perfumes for women of all ages.