December 11, 2023

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New Luxury Awards 2023 for Sustainable Perfumes – 4th Edition

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New Luxury Awards 2023

New Luxury Code

The New Luxurious Code

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The International Perfume Foundation

For this 4th edition, Public Areas – Inns, Retail and Museums are invited to take part.

When you enter a perfume keep, you decide to select your fragrance but even though entering a resort or any trend retailer, you have no decision other than respiratory the fragrance.”

— Creezy Courtoy, International Perfume Foundation Founder and Chair

PARIS, FRANCE, January 17, 2023 / — The New Luxurious Award is an award initially supplied to Sustainable Perfumes and Sustainable Packaging.

This calendar year, General public Areas – Motels, Spas, Museums and Retail – are invited to take part in the New Luxurious Awards 2023, 4th Version.

In Public Areas, scents are applied to differentiate brand signatures, to develop wellness areas or to make multi-sensory activities, like scenting a portray in a museum or scenting a engage in in a theater.

As an Olfactive Advertising trend or a retail store and hotel’s DNA, these inside perfumes are much more and more present in our life and in the surroundings.

This is why Community Areas have been added to Perfume and Packaging for this New Luxury Awards 4th edition.

Respiratory a fragrance transports the air and the scent into the system, blood and organs, with the air you breathe, being absorbed more rapidly than any medicine you would swallow.

Encouraging perfumers to recognize the physiology of the olfactory perception is really significant as they will feel additional involved about their possess duties.
Awarding Scented Places for obtaining an olfactory marketing and advertising or a retail’s DNA manufactured by a Perfumer respecting the New Luxury Code will encourage the improve to far more sustainability.

Procedures and Vital aspects
Building a Fragrance, a Packaging or a Scented Area pursuing the New Luxury Code.
The New Luxurious Code is a Code of Regard for additional Sustainability and the start of a New Economic system
* Self Regard
* Regard of Health and fitness
* Regard of the Earth
* Regard of Air and H2o
* Regard of the Setting
* Regard of Items Transparency and Good quality
* Respect of Individuals, Animals and Crops Kingdoms
* Solutions Built with Purely natural Sources
* Items as Pieces of Art
* Goods Produced as Operates of Art
* Respect of Truth in Advertisement
* Respect of Cultural Heritage
* Regard of Communities

The jury is composed by earth renowned experts, accredited pure perfumers, designers and personalities from the perfume and packaging marketplace.

The Level of competition is opened to:
– Fragrance Brand names
– Beauty Brand names
– Candle Manufacturers
– Spas, Retail, Lodges, Museums Makes (Scented Spaces)
– Perfumers
– Graduates of Perfumery Faculties
– Learners in Perfumery
– Designers in Packaging
– Packaging Suppliers
– Graduates of Packaging Educational facilities
– Students in Packaging

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